Why am I walking the camino way?

Why am I walking the camino?
Well the truth is – I don’t know.
I heard about the camino way a few years ago, and just wanted to do it – it called me to do it
So why does a (slightly) overweight 50+ year old non catholic woman decide to do a catholic pilgrimage and go way out of her comfort zone?
Well, I do love adventure and had thoroughly enjoyed my life long dream to walk the inca trail several years ago, which had stretched me physically, emotionally, mentally and lead me to enquire into my spirituality
Was it just a challenge or a break? Something to look forward to doing on my own, having been married to my business partner for near 40 years and perhaps just needing some space and 6 weeks to my self – wow
Well I think it is about the challenge, the adventure, the time out , and also some time for me to meditate , think and hopefully discover the rest of me. I feel a deep calling to achieve something BIG in this the ” third act” of my life.
So as I ready myself to embark – this will be my mission statement
1. To complete the physical and mental challenge of walking 600+ Klms
2. To have an amazing adventure, meet interesting people, and see and feel amazing sights
3. To spend time alone to meditate and learn more about myself and my connection to the universe
4. To discover how I want to live out my “third act ” – to find out what it is that I have to give in service to the world that is both wanted and needed.