Who doesn’t love Spain?..

Who doesn’t love Spain?

The last two days have been beautiful, just perfect weather for walking through Spain. Fresh, first thing in the morning, good for getting the morning started briskly.

10klms before breakfast with a few hills thrown in to keep the backside moving.

Really pretty wooded paths beside the river with plenty of shelter from the sun, walks through vineyards under the arbor of vines, short stretches on the main highways.

I can tell we are getting closer to Santiago as the way markers are closer and more pilgrams are merging onto the trails. I still have several hours every morning of solitude before the merging happens. Yesterday I walked with some women from Poland to Pointe Verde which had a lovely old city centre with stunning churches and monasteries that date back thousands of years and the old roman paths are dated X1X , I’m not sure if I remember correctly , but I think that is the year 109 -wow!

The food has been pretty amazing even if it’s served at odd times for me. Breakfast is coffee and a croissant, ( good coffee too) I usually try for a mid morning stop somewhere, even just some water and a piece of fruit (cherries are in season) sometimes in a cafe if there is one, if not , on a rock by the side of the road or under a tree, then I try to reach a bigger town for lunch. If I miss the 2pm siesta deadline that’s it, everything is closed till 4.30pm at which time people go out for a beer or a coffee. Dinner is not available until after 8.30pm which means if you’re up early like I am, dinner is usually forgone, 8.30 is too late for me . So I’ll have a snack, some olives and tapas with my evening vino or G&T. So far I’ve only tried the empanadas, the polypos, the grilled pimentos and the camerones which have all been yummy, Maybe tonight I’ll have time for a proper meal.

Only 40 Klms left to go and 2 days to do it in – should be a breeze! Actually if I hadn’t prebooked accommodation I would have pushed myself these last 2 days – the end draws close and the desire to get to the finish pulls at me. So,today I decided to relax a little and sat at a cafe by the river and lingered over a sangria for lunch, and a very odd thing happened. A man came over and asked if he could sit with me, he was from Argentina , on the camino everyone chats to strangers , so it was not out of place at all , except he wanted to know if I wanted a man, he said I was very attractive and that he liked me – wowser, a long time, if ever, since that has happened to me. I said that he was very kind but i was married and had children and a grandchild and then had to extradite myself from the situation. And even stranger because I discovered he wasn’t on the camino, he lived here in Spain.

Good to know that this old girl has still got it (haha)

I can’t believe that’s it’s nearly over, the years of dreaming, the months of training and planning and the weeks of walking have all slipped by so quickly.

However the end of one dream opens the door for new ones to emerge.

My poor husband must wonder sometimes as to what life would be like with a stable normal wife, instead of one who’s always dreaming up some new adventure.

I am looking forward to a new and stronger version of myself, I think I’ll join a hiking club to keep in shape fir next time. I’m also expecting the birth of my second grandchild in October which is very exciting for me plus Dan, my son is coming home for a few weeks in October which will be wonderful.

I am truly blessed and grateful for my life which is large with happiness, inner peace and joyful adventures.

Adios mi amigos , I won’t post again until I’ve completed my pilgrimage.