Vive Espana

Evolving Women strength

I made it across the border and in to Spain today. That’s over 500 klms walked to get this far, it was a long, hot and beautiful walk and I was a little emotional as I crossed the bridge from Valenca on the Portuguese border into Tuy on the Spanish side. I cried the whole way across, I was feeling so excited and proud that I’d made it thus far. I’ve walked the length of a whole country. And felt every muscle in my body at some point or another, as well as every emotion possible. I’ve cried, laughed, felt angry, judgemental, sad, lonely, tired, lusty, homesick, felt love, kindness, been met with generosity, discovered honesty and trust. 

Mostly I think I found what I came looking for – a trusting, loving, connection between myself and the universe. Some call it God, others consciousness, I call it the universe that lives within us all and connects us to each other and this wonderful cosmos that we are apart of. 

We, as people are all the same, makes no difference what sex, race, religion or colour our eyes are. We are all equal and have equal rights to happiness, love and respect for and from each other. Our planet, the animals, the plants, the flowers, the rivers, mountains and the air we breathe all deserve our consideration and care. We are the guardians of this magnificent place and I’ve seen the simpleness of the lifestyle here, and yes I know it’s a financial mess, but the people look after each other, grow vegetables in their gardens, graze a cow or a sheep or goat, a couple of chickens and are happy and kind and generous. The water is clean and can be drunk straight from a tap- imagine that!

Less is most definitely more!

Ok I’m off my soapbox now – (just for a moment) 

It has been an amazing month for me, and I know I still have well over 100 klms of hard walking to go, but I just needed to share some of my deeper observations and feelings with you, mi amigos.

No thoughts for today -I think I’ve said enough already xx