The Templars Way – Golega to Tomar

Golega to Tomar- home of the Templars
37.7 Klms in up to 40degree heat
What a journey ….. 
I arrived so sore and tired I can hardly move
However I did get here which is an amazing feat in itself. 
Who’s idea was this??????
Thank you again to the many angels that came to my aid again today
I’m carrying a St Christopher medal on my right shoulder, Buddha on my left. I have a Chrysocola crystal in my pocket and a hand made ceramic stone from Bea with the North American inner/ outer journey carved into it – in my purse. I don’t know which one is working
But THANK you.
I got lost again today – this time in a forest , luckily for me I was with several other pilgrims . So we all got lost together. The way is very poorly marked in some areas and I would not recommend women to walk it alone. I’m just so glad that I have met someone most days to journey with me, having said that there are very few pilgrims walking the Portugese way and it can be quite daunting starting out most mornings
In the dark and alone. 
Again and again the lesson I’m learning is TRUST in the universe and TRUST in myself.
Gracias, obrigado, merci, Danke and thank you
I am grateful