The hills are alive…

The hills are alive…

Yesterday was a walk in the park, I knew it was too good to continue, today was crossing over not one but two mountain passes – all of 20 kilometres but mucho different than yesterday’s 20k. Seven and a half hours, tears of frustration, anger, pain, and thirst raged rampant today.

Sunday Bloody Sunday – nothing is open , so breakfast was found 3 hours into the hike at the first and only open shop, and although the petit fours were absolutely delicious, they weren’t quite was needed today. The shop had no drinks, nor toilets which both were desperately required by then.

I found a quiet spot in the woods a little while later as I was desperate for a wee, turned out to be in the middle of a forest push bike race track, and as I stood up to pull my pants up, bikes came from both directions, lucky I didn’t cause any accidents, it was so funny I laughed for a good while, nearly wetting myself again in the process.

I lost my sense of humour several times though, when the guide book and the way markers didn’t match and I had to back track, up bloody hills too! I can tell when I get tired I get angry – at everyone and everything. Even the flowers didn’t keep me smiling today, I pick wildflowers every day and poke them through my backpack, roses, poppies, orchids, gardenias , all growing wild on the side of the road. Today there was fresh cherries that I could nearly but not quite reach with the help of my pilgrim stick. Damn being 6 inches too short:)

I have learnt a lot about myself on this journey so far

I am strong both physically and mentally

After my back problems a few years ago – I can report that I have no pain whatsoever in the back , my plan of strengthening it with exercise has worked.

Mentally I am stronger every day – meditation, mindfulness and affirmations are a winning combination

I have good stamina

I do not give in or up

I make friends quite easily

I can be intense and deep at times

I have an enquiring mind and love to learn

Yet find it difficult to retain information or data for long periods of time

( like 5 minutes)

I am getting better at listening, especially when the other people are speaking a different language (joke)

I get cranky when I’m tired

I hate being ignored

I enjoy my own company yet need connection and communication with others at some time during the day

I love cakes and sweet pastries and will skip meals so I can indulge in them