the dilemma

The dilemma is:

What shoes does a girl take when shes going to walk 600klms?

The first pair of walking boots are giving me blister upon blister (but the fluro laces make them look pretty),so I thought Id take along my old trainers, however they have recently got holes in the heel (apparently from some lazy person not undoing the laces before taking them off). So I bought some new ones – dam – more blisters this week. Then just in case, I cant wear any with backs – I might need my Birkys, and then of course at the end of the day, Haviies and the just in case I’m up for a party some Pretties.newbies oldies blisties birkies pretties

Girls will be girls – and I bet I buy some there 🙂 so glad I’m not carrying them all myself.