The Camino Portuguese – nearly half way

imageCoimbre to Mealhada – 31.3 Klm
Long, hot , tiring day.
Not much to report – nearly half way 🙂
Have arrived at hotel – I can hardly move, feet and legs sore.
Tired, cranky, a little lonely, and having a little feel sorry for myself cry.
Miss the company of the last few days, miss home, miss hugs, miss decent meals, miss my life. 
Mealhada to Agueda- 25.5 Klms
Another long, hot and exhausting day
Nothing is open on Sundays, so no cafés for a snack or drink, long hours walking through abandoned industrial estates – it took 8 hours to walk 25klms today
I wanted to give up , but there was no way out except continue. 
No buses, 
no taxis
no people 
da nada – nothing. 
So I kept on …. 
At one stage I really questioned my motives for this walk – is it for my ego.? Do I need to prove something? If so – to whom? Is it attention I’m looking for? 
I really don’t know yet, the only thought that came up as a response was that whatever the reason – I am enough! Just as I am. (That thought actually makes me cry) so must have some truth to it. 
I think we often feel not enough- not good enough- not rich enough- not attractive enough – not enough of something and yet we are exactly who we are – completely unique and one of a kind – there is no one else exactly the same- so just our very existence makes us ENOUGH. There is nothing to prove even to ourselves.
Note to self – When I’m walking in the beauty of nature I feel completely at one with life , however the cities and the industrial areas simply exhaust and drain me.