Smell the roses

imageCondeixa to Coimbra
Time to smell the roses.
Today was a solo walk and I left the sierras behind -the highest point at 190 metres.
Was a little tough at times, but the downhill was Super!
It was the first day I felt really comfortable on my own as I’ve come to know the people as
Friendly and very helpful. I took time to stop and really smell the roses today of which there is an abundance both wild and in most peoples gardens, every patch of dirt has something growing in it, either food or beautiful flowers. The weather was overcast with a slight breeze, Ideal walking conditions and I made to the hotel by around 1.30pm, so I have some time to explore this amazing city. It was once the capital but is now known for it’s universities. The students walk around totally dressed in black with long flowing black capes , similar to graduation robes worn in Australia, so I had to ask them of course, and it is their uniform – striking! I’ll try and get a photo tomorrow to post. 
Got lost wandering up and down little alleys and in little hidden shops. Bought a gorgeous scarf and some pretty earings, couldn’t resist. Caught up with Canadian friend and are sharing a room tonight, and we went out to listen to some fado music, didn’t understand a word if it, except is seemed sad, so we didn’t stay long. Today’s hotel had a Spa which was welcome and I splurged on a massage – thanks kids for my Mother’s Day gift:)
OMG it was good, the body is doing well, no blisters and the tiredness and sore muscles are all good to go the next morning. The mind is strong and getting stronger day by day, I do a ten minute meditation and a few yoga stretches before I leave in the morning which put me in the right frame of mind.
Today I practised gratitude – and really appreciate Dave for allowing me this freedom , and for taking on the extra work whilst I’m gone. I appreciate my kids for their love and support and encouraging words which are very welcome. I appreciate having this time to myself and the money that enables me to do it, I appreciate my friends – Robyn especially who got up many mornings at 5.30 am to walk with me, even though she’s retired and doesn’t need to get up that early, she does it for me. I appreciate Sass – my new assistant, who’s been with me for only 6 weeks and is so good I can actually relax knowing she’s there for me. 
I am so grateful for the beauty that surrounds me. I am so grateful that a cafe shows up at just the right time and let’s us use WC without having to buy anything – although we always do, as it’s nice to sit for 5 minutes every now and then. When you start practising gratitude as a daily practise it’s amazing how many blessings you can find in any one day.
I challenge you to try for at least 10 every day …

And I have also discovered 2 words that can change negative thought patterns , self doubt or fear.
They are “I Wonder” – these 2 words unlock the paralysis that fear and anxiety cause.
Try them next time you get caught in the merry go round track of negativity , you know the stuff that keeps replaying over and over in your mind – just stop for a moment and ask yourself
‘I wonder’ what would/could happen if…….
Those two words open up not just your body which closes down in fear but also your heart and your mind, which then opens the door to creative solutions.
Give it a try next time your are anxious, or frightened or full of self doubt! 
Bon noight xx