Santiago finally

It’s all over now baby blue…

Well I made it – officially by the pilgrims office 575 Klms but 802 by my telephone heart data app which also took into account, numerous miles lost, many hours finding hotels far away on the other side of town plus days off exploring and shopping of course.
It was big- it was epic- it was awesome!,

The beauty of the 2 countries is undeniably magnificent, the Galician and the Portuguese locals where so generous and friendly, they went out of their way to be helpful and give to me whatever they had to share. Their flowers, their fruits, their knowledge, their friendliness and their love, Bon camino was given by every one walking past by everyone I saw, teachers popping their heads out of classroom windows, taxi drivers, tractor drivers, field workers, shop keepers, kids waiting for the school bus, everyone is happy to greet the pilgrim.

The food has been delicious, particularly in this northern part of Spain where the seafood is famous, the steak us superb, plus the cured meats and cheeses and of course the wine.

The weather has been perfect – it rained only on the first day and since then blue skies and around 30 degrees most days sometimes a little more, but hot out in the sun from around 1 onwards which is the hardest part of the day to continue walking.

I have enjoyed hours and sometimes days of complete solitude and many hours of walking and talking and drinking and eating with wonderful people of all ages and races worldwide.

I have learned a lot about myself and made a few changes that were needed.

I have read some wonderful books, listened to superb music , been touched by personal notes from family and friends and I think I’ve grown up, finally.
I’m very proud of myself and the effort it took to complete my journey, it really is a life changer and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different sort of adventure.

Having received my official compostelo from the pilgrims office, which has wiped out my past sins , I now get to create some new ones. ( look out Noosa)
However, tomorrow I will go to the pilgrims mass in the cathedral and will say my prayers for all my loved ones. ‘The way’ has proven to me that miracles happen and that all you need do is to ask for what you want, believe it will be given and it will come.

I am not catholic nor follow any particular ‘ religion’ but the Universe or God or Consciousness is real and prayers and/or meditations and giving thanks for our blessings in life not only bring happiness and joy to ourselves but brings real magic.

Ask and you shall receive – I believe is from Matthew

Well that’s all folks – thanks for sharing this magical journey with me, maybe next year well do the French way…