Santarem to Golega

imageimageSantarem to Golega -27.75 Klms
Wow – a hot and dusty walk through the farmlands, pueblos and small villages was made special by the wonderful helpfulness and kindness of the locals. 
The way markers or yellow arrows that mark the way all but disappeared today, and I was lost on many occasions and if not for the wonderful angels that showed up just at the right time, I’d still be walking, probably in circles. Arrived in Golega the horse capital of Portugal and my hotel is a delightful equestrian centre, full to the brim with magnificent animals, dogs. Stables and the smell of horse manure. 
Dinner was resplendent – fresh sheeps milk cheese. Olives, bread, sangria, slow roasted beef in red wine jus and pork with cockles, more sangria and strawberry cheesecake to complete. Home to a hot bath and bed, it’s going to be 35d tomorrow so I want to be gone by 6am- still dark. It’s another 35 Klm day tomorrow and in the farmlands there is very little shade, so best to get an early start.
What did I learn today? To just go with the flow and that angels come in many disguises, including push bike riders, runners with cute bottoms in tight Lycra, old ladies who let you use their loos and another to show me where fresh water can be collected, old men sitting around cafés giving directions, surprisingly good meals and the best sangria rich with local fresh berries and just the right amount of spices and good people to share some of the journey with.