River of Gold – Porto

Evolving Women strength

2 days off in Porto to relax and repair
Porto is set on the river of gold – rio Duoro ( and no I haven’t bought any) yet:)
This is the place that Portugal took it’s name in the 12th century and is an amazing city.
Cobbled lane ways, magnificent cathedrals and palaces meld together with washing hanging from balconies, with the most amazing music floating through the streets.
My room is in the old centre and is an attic room, I’ve already banged my head twice and I’m 5’2, and as I opened the window the sweet sad sound of the sax drifted in.
I think I’m in love …
A walk down to the river, hopped on the hop on hop off bus and took a tour around to get my bearings. Off the bus and sat down in this divine outdoor eatery by the river and ordered a glass of local vino Verdi( it is my day off) and had a bowl of fish soup. Then ambled through the cobblestone streets, mostly uphill from the river, visited the cathedral and sat and meditated for quite some time, I do like the quiet, cool, peaceful spaces that churches offer,
Nearly as good as sitting under a tree near some water.
Another wander and I met the Americans from Lisbon from day 1-they are cycling the next part of the camino ( electric cycles) . They have struggled with the walk and mostly have caught transport instead, amazingly nearly everyone I’ve met has done the same thing, so I’m a little proud of myself so far as I have walked over 300klms and only caught transport when I was too sick to walk and I more than made up for that the times I got lost , so this
Slightly less plump Grandma is doing OK.
This afternoon took me into a little hand made chocolate shop and I couldn’t resist a cup of expresso and a slice of yummmmm chocolate cake- eeek -8 Euros cost more than my vino and soup for lunch- never mind it was divine and I have managed to rack up 12klms just wandering the city so the waistline at least won’t suffer too much.
The weather is superb and after my little siesta I’m meeting the Americans to head off and listen to some music down by the beach.
I have discovered meditation quite late in life, and advocate it to anyone who’ll listen.
It’s a magic key to peace, and slows down even my busy monkey brain and allows creativity to emerge from within if I stop long enough to listen.
I am always aware that I’m on my own and when walking on the camino it doesn’t bother me at all, I can even eat dinner in a restaurant on my own now. However, it is more uncomfortable in the city, Everywhere there are couples or families or groups out enjoying themselves, this is when I most feel alone. I’m not lonely as such, the internet and Skype keeps me connected with everyone – just feeling alone.
Note to self – never use a magnifying mirror and reading glasses at the same time
I think I’m growing a beard