Your retreat in Khanom:

What image does this word conjure in your mind?
A retreat- to pull back, escape, withdraw, flee.
A women’s retreat to me conjures up images of ancient times and places where women would gather monthly to be with each other, to leave the world of men and children and work and to care for themselves and each other.
A time of cleansing their bodies and anointing each other with delicious oils and scents, long luxurious baths, laughter, dancing , enjoying each other’s company. Long restful sleeps, reading, listening to music and sharing wisdom and knowledge, telling stories and anecdotes. Being together with other women, connecting, sharing, loving and growing together.
This is what I try to re-create on my body, mind and spirit retreats in Thailand annually.
Combine this with a rejuvenation of your body, ridding it of a build up of toxins, parasites, gallstones and other nasties. Morning yoga, to strengthen your joints,
Simple meditations to enrich your inner lives and glorious hour long massages and pampering to help restore your sense of aliveness.
It’s time we women took time out from our busy, full lives, caring for others and like the wise women of the past, connected and grew together.
I only take this retreat once a year and only for one week, so when you feel the need to retreat , to withdraw, to escape within, give me a call.
Josanne Falla

Join us for our week long transformational women’s retreat in Khanom, Thailand. Start 2018 with this gift to yourself.