Lisbon Day 2

Day 2 still in Lisbon
Moved to Camino hotel this morning and met 3 American women doing the walk , unfortunately for me they won’t start for 5 days, they’ll probably catch me up by day 6.
Great view from my penthouse suite at the 1 star hotel , but I think the receptionist is keen on me so I’m on the top floor , pity about the stairs – dragging my suitcase up was hard- no more shopping – except I found the most gorgeous lime green and yellow bra and panties today – they won’t take up much space – I’ll throw some oldies out- now there’s an idea , I can keep shopping and replacing the old bits. 
Walked to the starting gate today at the cathedral 
I’m all ready to go and the weather looks promising~ clothes laid out on bed ready to rip into it in the morning-I’m rip rearing to go!
Now this walk is about ridding myself of sins, so while I was sitting in the cathedral I tried to remember what sins I might have and came up with quite a few
I have lied
I have lusted
I have been greedy – – is that a sin?
I have envied my friends wives
I have stolen – might as well be honest about it – I have nicked extra breakfast things to take for lunch and the shampoos and soaps too!, ouch 
Is fear a sin? I’ve been terrified of failing. 
What else is there?
I’ve probably done them too if not in person, more than likely in my mind
So, I have a lot to think about tomorrow 
and then I’ll spend the rest of the trip thinking about all I’m grateful for!
Much more fun – although I could spend a bit of time on the lust sin, nope better not
I’m on my own.
Life is good and I’m so lucky to have such a supporting husband , family, friends and sisters.