Let it be

Albergaria to São Joa da Madeira 
More of the same only more hills 
Less countryside, more urban roads, crossing the highway and railway often
Legs and bum are aching – gel insoles worked a treat but after 27 Klms nothing is too good on feet. 
Well I’ve passed the half way mark 276 Klms to go plus another 50 for possibilities.
Having said that I did not get lost once today, the way was well marked and I didn’t even need to pull out the guide book. 
Another solo day lost in thoughts
I tried thinking of all the things I was grateful for of which there are many,
But really today was just putting one foot in front of the other.
A bit like a Wednesday – hump day – just get over this bit and go onto Porto
The countryside was not spectacular, saw very few people, got barked at by a hundred dogs, every yard has a dog tied up on a chain and they bark at very passerby.
So many houses empty – no people living in the old ones, most are just facades with nothing behind the front wall – a bit spooky really.
The footpaths are mostly all paved the old way – with lots of small pavers, makes for very uneven surface, not great for walkers as you really need to be careful, so I mostly walk on the narrow roads ( shoulders are non existent) and you do need to be extra alert . 
The food is very much the same every where, 
Breakfast is cafe and a pastry – neither for me thanks 
Trying to stay off the caffeine too – as it really gets my digestion happening very fast which can be tricky when you are out walking and there are no banos nearby.
Always carry a roll of toilet paper, (just in case) which is ok in country side but not so good in urban areas.
Lunch is a sandwich – ham and cheese$2E bread is scrumptious 
And the pilgrams dinner is soup, fish( salted cod is the most popular) potatoes and salad and a dessert $10E simple but not as spicy a I expected
Drinks always come with olives and bread – the best part of the day
Evenings are for washing out smalls( that’s an old fashioned saying meaning undies and socks etc)
Then it’s planning the next days walk, writing out my journal, A long hot bath if available and a read,
I’m really enjoying a couple of good books 
I am by Falco explains so much I’ve been thinking about – it’s the first book I’ve actually ever scribbled notes in using a pen – very naughty, but hey it’s mine!
And Wayne Dyer – creating magic
Both books are slow going as you need to process them as you proceed.
I’m also listening to some of Dave’s music and continuing on with my mastery course and Jean Houston’s quantum living course, love them both.
Song in my head all day- Let it Be – the Beatles – 
Yeah I know it’s daggy but better than yesterday’s – 
High on the hill lived a lonely goat herd – it only took one goat to get that one started over and over and over.