Heavenly day on the coastal route

Have gone to heaven – Porto to Falzores

I decided to change my path today, the ocean called me, so I re routed my plan and walked the coastal track from Porto to Mendios and am so glad I did. The ocean was at its best all day and I met up with some Pilgrams that I had walked with a few days ago , Peter, Dieter and Volta from Austria – not a word of German can I speak and they have very little English, so it is just the companionship along the way plus I met a young Dutch girl on her first day on the way from Porto. We enjoyed the companionship and cafe and lunch until I had to turn inland to Falzores for my accommodation for the night.

That’s when I discovered heaven, the Quinta a stunning house in the most beautiful garden I have ever been in. Ohhh my body was aching to lay on the grass beneath the fruit trees with the sun filtering through the leaves, and they had invited me to treat the Quinta as my own, so I found a couple of glorious trees and lay on the soft grass and just lay for awhile, smelling the sweet smell of grass, listening to doves cooing and the bees buzzing. 

I then did an hour of yoga had meditation- it was so wonderful. I hope I got some good photos to post later after I find out if they have wifi- nope.

I wonder if they’ll do a house swap – this is magnificent- a long way from anywhere but I don’t mind- maybe I could teach restorative yoga to the old ladies in the village.

Every day brings something new- I love travelling.


Dinner on the large verandah was superb, cockles in garlic, roast beef perfectly cooked with broccoli and cauliflower then poached pear served by the hostess Theresa with the full silver service, port aperitifs and luscious local vino tinto. John Paul was a gracious host and sat with me talking and paying me a little too much attention, bringing up the word sex once or twice so I must say I burst out laughing when he reached over to touch my arm and his cigarette dropped into his lap and burnt a large hole in his crutch which he casually tried to brush off, but no it kept burning and I think the poor man left the table in pain. Talk about where there is smoke there is fire( I was about to throw my glass of wine onto his groin and luckily thought better of it) thank goodness, that would have seriously been poring wine on troubled waters. Haha ’twas a funny night playing like the rich bourgeois of another era 
Thought for the day – be authentic – be real – you are perfect just the way you are.