First days in Spain

On my way in Spain 

I had an enjoyable day exploring the old fortress town of Tuy and a lovely dinner with fellow pilgram from Belgium. 

The vino tinto was mucho buenos, as were the grilled asparagus and camerones in garlic and pepper. We enjoyed good company as we sat on the balcony overlooking the Rio Ouros in Spain with the view of Valenca in Portugal. 

The walk this morning was beautiful , mostly flat alongside rivers and streams through wooded forests, not a person insight for many miles, just the smells of the outdoors and quiet birdsong to keep me company. 

I passed what I thought was a farm and heard animals squealing in what sounded like pain or fear so I think it was an abattoir and decided then and there that I would give up meat, I really hate the thought of an animal suffering. 

A little later I came across the only cafe on “the way “today and stopped for a toilet break and a cold drink. The proprietor wanted me to eat something and I thanked him but declined, however he was determined that I should eat, so he bought me out some beautiful fresh bread and some thinly sliced jambon. I couldn’t refuse such generosity so I’m afraid my vow didn’t last long, but it’s definitely something I think I will pursue. Perhaps after I have completed the walk when I have more choices ( meat is a high priority here) and also when I know how to decline such generosity gracefully.

I’m getting better at following directions and was proud of myself at a crossroad today, when I followed my own instincts and interpretation of the guide book instead of some other Pilgrims. My route was through pretty woodlands, theirs was through industrial zones. Normally I would have followed the pack, so trusting my own judgement felt good.

20 kilometres later I arrived at my destination for the day, just a walk in the park really , and I was there before lunchtime. I would have preferred to keep going today as this town has not must to offer and the hotel is pretty dim. 

Thoughts for the day;

Continue to Trust myself and the universe.

Learn to stand firm in my resolves