First day on the road

imageIt’s my first day on the road
I was awake pre dawn excited and anxious to actually get started. 
Unfortunately it was a wet and windy morning and the day didn’t go quite as I hoped or planned. 
I headed to the cathedral to get my pilgrim passport stamped- I’m now officially a pilgrim and sat and had a quiet mediate in the magnificent holy place. I decided to dedicate my walk today to trust – trust that the universe would look out for me and that I would learn to trust my own inner voice. 
I had decided to follow the yellow arrows that mark the way and strolled down paved narrow lanes and alleyways, passed disused and crumbling buildings, graffiti drawn on every surface, passed some ladies of the night coming home. The paved roads and walkways whilst beautiful are deadly underfoot in both wet and dry conditions. Easy to roll an ankle in dry and slippery when wet, so I proceeded slowly and carefully, but after 2 hours in the rain and only having walked about 10 Kim’s – I called it a day and hailed a cab. The area felt increasing unsafe for a woman on her own, the docks and wharf nearby with long stretches of isolation were not feeling right, so I trusted my inner voice and travelled to the hotel I was expected in. I felt a little disappointed in myself , only making halfway on the first day, however, I do believe that listening to our own inner voices is a smart way to negotiate situations in which we are unsure of ourselves . 
I have 2 more days negotiating the major highway past industrial areas to get to the outskirts of Lisbon , and if I feel unsafe I’ll do the same again. Some pretty rural areas are to follow plus some kinder weather, however the aim of the walk is also to learn and grow and by trusting my own self, I’ll end up a stronger person and also be alive to share the knowledge.
My apologies to my readers for my terrible English , it’s been years since I actually wrote anything more than a text message as you can probably tell. But , hey it’s all about the journey so I think I deserve at least an A for effort xx