Today I had a day off because I woke with a very sore and dry throat and a hacking cough which had kept me awake most of the night, together with legs and feet which were aching so badly I could hardly stand, so I listened to my body and rested. 
By resting, I mean I caught a bus to Fatima, there is a big celebration there this week and people are headed there in their thousands to pray. It is quite an amazing sight seeing large groups of men and women walking together, usually wearing bright Fluoro jackets for visibility on the roads, singing Ave Maria carrying flags and crosses. 
I don’t know if you had heard the story of Mary appearing in Fatima several times to three young people. Apparently informing them of what will happen to the world if people don’t change their ways. The Vatican has ratified the appearance of Mary, but not released the contents yet, saying the people aren’t ready to hear it.
I’m not catholic nor follow any religious dogma, however I do believe myself to be spiritual and as this journey is for my spirit, I thought it a good opportunity to share in the spirit of the occasion and am glad I went. I enjoyed the atmosphere and sat in the biggest church I have ever seen and meditated quietly amongst the hundreds that were there. It was special.
I’m sitting at the bus stop waiting for my bus, I have missed a days walking and must catch up. It was a sad afternoon saying goodbye to some of the lovely people I have travelled with over the last day or two. It seems that you get quite close to fellow travellers quickly. – there is a lovely rapport amongst pilgrims. Funnily enough you don’t ask people about there REAL lives, you get to know them on a Now basis
Elkhart Tolle would be pleased – it’s very much about living in the now.
I’m off to Alvaiazere where I start tomorrow’s journey of 32 Klms – sounds good.
Only takes an hour on the bus but 9 hours walk time, my body is refreshed though I still have the cough, but should be miles (pun intended) better by tomorrow morning.
Lesson for today – be kind to oneself – listen to what your body is telling you
Don’t try to push through, relax and go with the flow xx