Day 4 on the camino way

imageA big day today
Over 40 Kim’s travelled mostly through farm tracks
Much improved over the highways of the last few days
I was enjoying my quiet alone space in the morning and as I listened to Brene Brown on audible a lovely couple of Belgium’s dropped out the bush-rows- they had gone off the trail to pick some fresh oranges. We walked together sharing stories in broken English, and we picnicked on stolen oranges and dried pineapple under the poplar trees beside the beautiful fields of red poppies – stunning! 
This area is the market garden of Lisbon and we discovered beautiful figs, almonds, peaches and other fruit bearing trees though still a little way to go before being ready to harvest. 
It was a long hot walk to Santarem – the last five klms climbing up over 1000m to the fortress town. By the time I found my accommodation I was wrecked . My accommodation had no restaurant nearby and I hadn’t the energy to walk anywhere so I ate 3 Tim tams and a few pieces of dried pineapple for dinner.
My feet are doing well – no blisters and my body is holding up – a little sore in the calves, my hamstrings are tight and my shoulder too -a few stretches this morning and we’ll be sweet. My emotions got the better of me when I finally found my hotel – I was tired and hungry and a little grumpy at the receptionist when he said there was no restaurant nearby – I could barely walk to my room and couldn’t fathom walking anywhere. I have noticed that when I am tired I tend to get grumpy, so I will try to listen to my body more and maybe take a break before hunting down my hotel. This is the most difficult part of navigating the way so far, reaching town and then the need to find accommodation .The guide book doesn’t explain that part well at all, so I have to ask strangers , who all try to help, but cities are big and I was sent on a couple of wild goose chases several times. Tomorrow I will find a cafe and sit for a while and before looking for my hotel – this should alleviate grumpiness and if I were smart I’d grab something to eat then.
All is well on the way and today I explore x