Day 1 in Lisbon

imageDay1 Lisbon 
Up and ready by 7 am – breakfast was served at 9am – fresh strawberries, coffee, peach juice, bread, cheese and ham- delicious. Headed out to get acquainted with this delightful city , bought a metro ticket and caught the famous tram 28 which is close to BNB , hopped off at the end a bought a yellow hop on hop bus tour.
It really helped me to become comfortable and familiarise myself with the city, which is a diverse, historic, quaint and beautiful place, so many cultures and periods of time all interwoven. The cafés and patisseries are yummy, Lisbon is a very hilly city and many stops are needed as you make way through the labyrinth of alleyways and wide boulevards. Managed a little shopping – I just couldn’t resist – the prices are so ridiculously cheap, pity I don’t have much luggage space available, not that I came to shop, I just found my walking clothes not quite suitable for a European city and stood out like a sore thumb in my bright runners and backpack whilst everyone else was dressed immaculately – target for pickpockets as it was easy to see who was the touristo. ( well that’s my excuse for the shopping)
Found my way back to today’s home without getting lost – did lose my code to get in the front door though. 🙂 hope that’s all I lose. Very quiet day – the other guests are very stiff and formal and all in pairs so haven’t had a chat to anyone today – that’s ok – I really don’t mind quiet times. Still a little concerned about navigating my way as the maps supplied are terrible, so I came home about 7pm – still daylight would you believe, and have been studying Mondays walk , not sure if I should bypass the main highway N01 – which looks dangerous and catch the bus to the oceanarium and start from there. Will have another look tomorrow when I relocate to the first of the camino hotels. The GPS on the phone , the guide book supplied and the map all have different routes – so a decision is required before I set off.