Evolving Women strength

An early start at 6 am and a long hot walk of over 7 hours through eucalypt forests, grape vineyards and quiet country lanes. Not a soul to speak to all day, and actually I have started really enjoying my solitude.
My ankles and feet are aching, they worked very hard today on old traditional granite cobblestones. I did have one tumble through the forest and have a slight graze on my hands and knees- ouch – more a matter of wounded pride and nobody to kiss it better;)
The walk was gruelling and I have no energy left to explore this medieval town, mores the pity, and tomorrow is the biggest day of all, so I’m resting with my feet up during Siesta time. We should have this at home, it’s very civilised, everything closes at 2 till 5 then reopens till midnight at least, not that I’ve ever stayed up that late, I’m in bed by 9 at the latest.
The hotel is so basic it’s quite sad really and I’ve never felt a bed this hard before, not like the luxury of the Quinta a few days ago.
I’m all good though. One toenail is about to come off, my shoulder is a little sore and my body aches all over – oh for a good foot rub.
The weather has remained perfect 27 deg and blue skies with a slight breeze every day, I have been blessed.
3 more days and I enter Espana, that will be exciting! Looking forward to tapas and sangria and being able to communicate a little with the locals. I have had difficulty with Portuguese, it looks so similar to Spanish but it sure doesn’t sound the same.
Many Portugese speak their own language, plus Spanish, French , a little English and some German. We really missed out in Australia , with most of us having a smattering of something we learnt in secondary school and that’s about it.
Anyway that’s all for today … Nothing exciting just more of the same