Barcelos to Pointe de Lima and on to Rubieres

First site of river Lima [/caption]Barcelos to Pointe de Lima and on to Rubieres

I’m absolutely exhausted, yesterday was 1O hours of solid walking in the hot sun, made so much easier by the companionship of other Pilgrams. The rest stops are a time to grab a cold drink, a bite to eat and toilet stop but even more important a chance to meet new Pilgrams and greet other travellers, with lots of conversation around blisters and remedies and accommodation queries.

Porto is a major starting point for people joining the Portugese camino and as such there has been an influx of newbies. I travelled the day with Melor a delightful happy university professor from Holland who now works and lives in Belgium, and her family is still only 100 klms away. And we leapfrogged the way with a lovely retired Irish couple Paul and Eileen, parents to 6 and grandparents to many, plus many other walkers from all over the world, many who have done several caminos before. Most notably popular for all is the Frances way though they all felt that it is now too crowded with no space for the solitude they sought. 

Pointe de Lima is a magnificently beautiful medieval town , so beautiful I would have liked to have spent a few days there, but alas, I saw nothing at all. I pretty much crashed for an hour upon arriving at my hotel which though well situated right on the edge of the river was far too modern and boring for me, I even had to get lesson on how to use the shower. Followed by a g & t at the local bar – I wandered back over the medieval bridge for my dinner, which was delicious. Home made salmon pate, fresh salmon with potatoes and steamed lettuce, so simple yet so perfect, washed down by a second G&T, naughty girl , I try to stick to just one a day, and now I remember why, I get a bit wobbly on my feet, so I literally tottered back over the bridge and crashed fully clothed on the bed.

I was awoken some hours later by a loud knock at the door with the receptionist yelling at me through the door that I could have breakfast ready to take with me in the morning, ( breakfasts aren’t served until after 8am, so sometimes they will offer a packed takeaway bag ) by the time I stumbled to get to the door open they were gone, so I got undressed and went back to bed, to be then awoken again by the phone, the same receptionist wanting me to know that breakfast would be ok for me to take in the morning. I was pretty cranky and wide awake by then, but due to the exertion of the day and the alcohol I soon dropped back to sleep. Only, you guessed it, the bloody alarm went off. Shit, I was pissed off, and ripped the cord from the hole and was ready to throw the whole thing out the window, except the window wouldn’t open .

Well after a sleepless night I arose without an alarm as my phone which I thought had been charging all night was plugged into a non working socket. Need I say more? This hotel is not one I will be recommending on trip advisor for sure.

Today was a ripper, started at 6 am ( with a packed breakfast) and headed on my way catching up with many fellow walkers. It was to be only a 20 Klm walk , so an easy one after yesterday or so I thought. I really should learn to read maps as well as directions, it might be of use when on a holiday like this. The walk was only a 20 Klm climb up old roman roads and dried up watercourses with crumbling rocks through forests, with nothing to grab hold (of and of course I didn’t bring my walking sticks, they are still in suitcase unpacked.) it was almost a scramble. Beautiful but hard, hard work. I should have worked it out that when you’re at a river surrounded by mountains the only way out is up. 

I arrived at my casa around 1 o’clock which was pretty good timing for me, and had a chance to have a skype home. Yeah wifi was a available.

Tomorrow is my last day in Portugal – Friday I shall arrive in Spain.

Thought for today.

Expect the unexpected

And be prepared xx