Anciao to Condexia ( try pronouncing this one)

Anciao to Condeixa
A long , hot and difficult but beautiful day walking on old roman roads through the highlands. Lots of beautiful goat tracks between the grape vines and olive groves
And crumbling ruins of times past.
Walked with Canadian friend for most of the day, ’twas lovely chatting away the miles, both of us on the same path looking for adventure and fulfillment, neither sure of where we were going but know we are on the right path.
I didn’t get lost today thanks to the abundance of way markers making life easy at every crossroad.
I get up around 6 to leave by 6.30ish – breakfast is rarely available until 8, and that’s way to late to leave so I usually take some fresh fruits, some cheese and olives to have along the way, sometime around 9. There is often a cafe available somewhere on the route where we can grab a cold drink and something to eat for lunch, today we picnicked again on the cheese and olives and strawberries we had brought with us plus some delicious dehydrated pineapple from home. 
My chest is clearing and although I wasn’t breathing so heavily today, it was quite a tiring day. 
Had a long hot bath( thank god there was one today) as my gluteus were crying in pain and needed a soak.
Thought for today was on the word ” SHOULD”
I think it should be dropped from our vocabulary – what do you say?
I should do this or I should do that – it feels like an obligation not something given freely. So maybe we can all give freely to those we feel a desire to give to and forget the should do and should haves and the sense of obligation and guilt if we didn’t do what we think we ought to have done.
Anyway just a crazy thought from someone with nothing to do all day but think crazy thoughts- and loving it xox