I’ve been on a journey these last few years, a journey into my mind, my body and my soul.

I was stuck in a rut. Same job, same friends, same mind set, same relationships – I’d been working very hard trying to please everybody, doing so much on my own, never seeking or receiving support, giving more than I had, sometimes before even being asked.

I’d been stuck in negative belief patterns about myself and others that really made me sick when they were finally revealed to me. And then one day in one split second my life changed as so many people’s seem to when they can no longer continue doing what they had always done – I herniated a disc in my back and wham I’m on the floor and not allowed up for six weeks, so all of the work I’d always done fell onto my business partner and husband’s back. Needless to say he too cracked under the pressure! It was really a scary time for us both.

From the devastation came new life. I studied everything I could lay my hands on about mental health, went to every natural practitioner I could find to get my body back together, found yoga, meditation, nutritional advice, hired a personal trainer, learnt Reiki, discovered natural healers, found amazing courses, retreats and opened my mind, body and soul to a new life. I’m no longer in a rut, I’ve found a new way to communicate and connect with both old and new friends and family. I’m relaxed, healthy and very happy with my life – I feel balanced and connected and now know that I am enough and that life supports me.

I feel that I have found my destiny path – which is to live my dreams and share them with you, so that you too may feel inspired to follow your rainbows and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.