40 hours flew by

Traveled over 40 hours to get to Lisbon- interesting journey- Etihad had a communication problem worldwide – so we spent 3 hours in the queue at Brisbane airport waiting to check in, met lots of fellow travellers as we all chatted away instead of getting frustrated by the delay, however I missed out on a lovely last breakfast with hubby. Got great seats to Singapore 4 to myself , plane full on the next keg to ABUDABI – didn’t see much of anything as the earlier flight has been delayed so no time to browse – last leg was on one of the big 2 story planes and was very spacious , food was excellent. Had a few hours in Heathrow airport awaiting flight to Lisbon and so luckily for me the plane arrived – as the airline had just called a strike – and we were the only flight going out yesterday , possibly the entire week.
Met some interesting people on the flight which was full – a load of British lads heading over for a stag weekend all dressed up and full of great energy – the plane buzzed with it -met a couple of lovely girls over from Newfoundland and another couple from Vancouver, then a real life cowboy from the states .- Anyway luggage arrived which is always a great relief after such a long journey – all I was concerned about were my shoes- I didn’t want to face the prospect of having to break in new ones if the bag was lost. Caught a cab to my BNB. I am using air bnb for the first 2 nights until I commence the walk on Monday. it’s rather quaint, clean and the shower was so welcoming, grabbed an apple and went straight to sleep at 6pm – that’s why this entry is being logged at 2am – I’m awake again – fully awake.
Feeling good but still daunted by the actual walk and finding my way around.
I got lost at the airport – Heathrow – well who hasn’t.
I did also jot these thoughts down
What you think and dream about only needs an intention and then you can co create that dream with the help of the universe and it becomes manifest.
Or What you think about becomes your reality.
Plus I discovered this to be true, when delays and frustrations happen , stop, and enjoy the experience , it’s interesting to watch what Positive energy can achieve, don’t allow the complainers and naysayers to change your mood.